Artist Statement



I work in an organic way, Mainly choosing the colour as I work. Although I do like to use a combination of colour that I think work well together.


I was given the opportunity to interact with art in a supportive environment. Being encouraged to see art in a more open setting.Trying various methods and seeing where my creativity could take me.

I worked with, and along side practicing professional artists.This gave me the opportunity to explore different ideas and media, gradually over time developing a style that became unique to me.

Being able to explore art in a relaxed way helped me  find my own path of expression and build my confidence as an artist.


My work is abstract with very powerful colour and media; 2D works that vary from coloured pencil, ribbon and yarn to sculptures in Breezeblock, plaster and ribbon.


I held my first joint Exhibition in February 2009 In The Baskerville Room Gallery.


I then won an award in June 2009 at a Biennial open art competition called `Outside In` hosted by Pallant House Gallery in Chichester.


The prize was a solo Exhibition in The Studio at the Gallery.


Having this opportunity at Pallant House encouraged me to venture into new mediums and face new challenges . Working with casting resin, realising my idea`s and finding out what i can achieve with different media.